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Check-in box Tableo

Powered by our cloud platform, the Tableo check-in box covers 100% of arrival flows: check-in, check-out, walkin, stay extension, etc. Your guests check in and collect the room key in less than a minute.

  • Premium design and plug & play kiosks

  • Wide range of personalization

  • Dematerialization of printing

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Bornes de self check-in par Tabhotel à l'hôtel Pestana CR7 Madrid

Check-in kiosk Tableo: premium hospitality experiences

  • Supervised check-in

  • Plug & play kiosk

  • High level personalization

  • Simple user-friendly interface

  • Automatic key delivery

  • Integrated TPE

  • Automatic passport scan

  • Self check-in & out

  • Quick check-in via QR code

  • Early check-in & late check-out

  • Identification via QR code

  • Walkin (without booking)

  • Stay Extension

  • "Concierge" content

  • Dematerialization of printing

  • Registration card

  • Upsell scenario by guest types

  • Upgrade

  • Instay upselling

  • New key

  • Payment and Prepayment

Always connected with your hotel management software

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