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for an outstanding guest experience

  • Less waiting

  • Less administrative tasks

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Self check-in solutions


Everything you need to optimize your check-in.
Self check-in solutions
Patient check-in solutions


Welcome your patients through a more pleasing check-in experience.
Patient check-in solutions

Tabhotel adapts to your establishment

Check-in & E-admission expertise



Omnicanal web, mobile, tablette et kiosk


web, mobile, tablet and kiosk

Nativement multi-établissements



Parcours client sur-mesure


guest journey

Fonctionnalité de paiement avancée

Advanced payment


Plateforme e-commerce intégrée


e-commerce platform

Solution cloud moderne hébergée par Google

Modern cloud solution

hosted by Google

Automatisation avec votre solution métier


with your business solution

Back-office de supervision et BI

Supervision and BI


We commit to your project

A solution designed for your guests

A solution designed for your guests

Tabhotel helps you eliminate waiting time and provide an unforgettable guest experience with adapted equipment.

« Today, check-in is becoming an interactive process with our guests and dramatically improves their experience. »

Hotel Pestana CR7 Madrid

Automation that seriously improves your performances

Automation that seriously improves your performances

Tabhotel sells your additional services and automates your low-value-added tasks

A technology made for human

Technology made for humans

Tabhotel optimizes productivity and refocuses your teams on what truly matters: your guests

Delight your guests. Boost your teams.


Online check-in for hotels on mobile, tablet and PC Tabhotel

Online check-in

  • E-check-in via email /SMS /Whatsapp

  • Upsell and upgrade

  • Automatic passport scan

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Tablette de check-in Eole pour les hôtels Tabhotel

Eole Staff tablet

  • Check-in tablet for receptionists

  • Check-in mobility

  • Payment on virtual payment terminal

All features
Pestana CR7 - Tabhotel check-in borne Tableo pour les hôtels

Tableo check-in kiosk

  • Premium design and plug & play kiosks

  • Flash check-in

  • Dematerialization of printing

All features
Hermes check-in kiosks at the Revier hotel by Tabhotel

Hermes check-in kiosk

  • 100% autonomous check-in (without staff)

  • Welcome card printing

  • Can be integrated into furniture

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Tabhotel health patient portal for hospitals

Patient Portal

  • Premium & intuitive interface

  • Patient document retrieval

  • Credit card registration 

All features
Bornes de e-admission patient hôpital Tabhotel à Hôpital Paris Saint-Joseph

Patient Check-in Kiosk

  • Identification by insurance card

  • Pre-payment

  • Medical room orientation

All features
Affichage dynamique par Tabhotel pour les hôpitaux

Virtual line

  • Mobile mini-site

  • Time or waiting rank

  • Appointment reminders

All features

Perfect integration with all business and payment solutions

Whatever challenges you have, we always have A SOLUTION

Une équipe d'experts en check-in mobile, borne et tablette

A team of experts in check-in on mobile, kiosk and tablet

Une plateforme éprouvée avec plus de 300 000 check-in /an

A proven platform with 1 million client uses /year.

Des clients présents dans plus de 7 pays

Clients present in more than 7 countries

A multi-award-winning solution for our innovations

A multi-award-winning solution for our innovations

Tabhotel adapts to your needs. Contact us for a free demo. 

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