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Patient Check-in Kiosk

The reception kiosks handle 100% of patient flow with unparalleled efficiency. Eliminate waiting times and boost patient satisfaction by focusing on the emotional needs of your patients.

  • Interactive hospital check-in kiosks

  • Customizable arrival and departure patient journey

  • Compatible with your hospital management software

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Tabhotel e-admission kiosk Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital

Streamline the administrative workflow of your establishment

  • Low-code application platform

  • Customizable from back-office

  • Simple and intuitive interface

  • Integration with HIS

  • Fast & secure identification

  • Secure and authorized payment

  • Identification by insurance card

  • Identification via QR code

  • Appointment information validation

  • Delay management

  • Patient data retrieval

  • Pre-payment

  • Upselling (product, rooms & services) and donations

  • Personalized patient alerts

  • Real-time notifications

  • Waiting ticket creation

  • Medical room orientation

  • Establishment printing plan

Always connected with your hospital management software 

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