Tabhotel with Louvre Hotels Group

For a new, completely digitalized check-in concept

Tabhotel check-in kiosks at Hosho, Louvre Hotel Group

About Hosho, Louvre Hotels Group

The Louvre Hotels group has launched its new cab-bed concept in the Val-de-Marne, 10 minutes from Porte d'Italie (Paris 13th). The establishment named "Hosho" offers a mix between a hotel and a hostel with a capacity of 236 beds.

A connected hotel with a completely digitalized check-in journey

Tabhotel is delighted to collaborate with Louvre Hotels Group to implement a fully automated reception service based on the deployment of online check-in and self-service kiosk #Hermès.

« Our concept is a 2.0 hotel. The reservation at Hosho is made online or at a self-service kiosk upon arrival. The guest must retrieve his connected card to enter the building; from here, he is autonomous. »

Louvre Hotels Group LogoKais Bayar, Hosho's manager
Tabhotel check-in kiosks at Hosho, Louvre Hotel Group

Big thanks to Louvre Hotels Group and the HOSHO Paris team for their trust. We wish them the best, and you can discover more about this new exceptional hotel concept in this 20-minute article.

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