Check-in kiosks, what’s so special? 

Check-in kiosk, whats so special
Check-in kiosk, what’s so special?

First impressions at the lobby are everything; no one understands this better than hotels. That’s why hoteliers have increasingly looked for the latest and most modern technology to provide a superior guest experience during the check-in process. But the challenge is:  How to keep your guest satisfaction optimized while reducing your staff’s workload? This is when self-service kiosks come in.

Self-service trends

Tabhotel check-in kiosk
Hotel self-service trends

Just think of the popularity of self-check-in kiosks at the airport, subway stations, or movie center. Everyone wants to do everything quickly and more securely. The same logic goes for hotels check-in. This industry is particularly about luxury, with high-level customer service requirements, so it is no surprise that hoteliers have increasingly installed an automated self-service process.

Here, we have crunched some numbers to reveal all trends you need to know to keep track of hotels self-check-in assisted by technology. 

Infographic: Hotel check-in trends
Tabhotel infographic: Hotel check-in trends

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What makes Tabhotel’s solution so unique?

Not only kiosks, but all Tabhotel check-in solutions share one thing: a one-of-a-kind cloud platform.

For the first time, there is one cloud technology that allows you to create, customize, monitor a guest journey that suits your needs, guest target, and hotel image the most. 

What features do we offer for your check-in journey?

Check-in kiosk hotel

For a hotel, a self-service kiosk can do a lot more than a simple check-in, and it needs to be flexible and customized, depending on the hotel’s needs.

Let’s see what can a self-service kiosk do in this video!  



Tabhotel’s flexible check-in kiosk options: 

  • Hermes: Hotel check-in kiosk

Hermes check-in kiosk is a solution that gives your guests 100% autonomy to do their check-in. Powered by our cloud platform, Hermes self-service check-in kiosk covers all guest flows: check-in, check-out, walk-in, stay extension, key delivery and retrieval, and more. 

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  • Tableo: Contactless check-in kit

Tableo is a smart solution combining the Tabhotel cloud platform, mobile check-in, and a light kit on-site for a contactless experience. Key delivery in less than a minute.

Most chosen by Tabhotel’s clients as it provides the most complete, omnichannel guest journey and ultra-personnalisable. 

Build our own guest journey? 

Tabhotel check in kiosk at Le Grand Quartier
Tabhotel’s self-service kiosk at Le Grand Quartier, Paris